The active services of sisters in visiting houses, conducting family prayers &providing counselling facilities changed the life style of the common people in many villages where our sisters are engaged in faith formation and evangelization. Sisters are rendering their services-pastoral activities like preparing for baptism, first communion, confirmation, teaching catechism& counselling. Sisters organize evangelization activities in and around the village, do regular family visits and bearing witness to Jesus in many ways.

There is an urge in everyones heart to know the unknown. Our sisters, knowing the mind of the church spend their time and energy generously to teach catechism to the children as well as the elderly people in remote villages and parishes. People gather in the evening in one or the other family and sisters take this opportunity to teach the Word of God and the prayers. Along with the school syllabus they teach catechism, encourage the children to read and study Word of God, inspire them to live the Gospel values etc. Sisters also teach catechism after Sunday Eucharist wherever it is possible.  They are also helped to develop an integral personality, by giving information about various aspects of life.